TL Innovation Lab Student Leadership Team

Owen Bartolf

Owen is our Founder and President, and also a senior in the Marin School for Environmental Leadership at Terra Linda High School. He has led the charge to bring computer science to TL. Owen works with key stakeholders to developed our enrichment programs and also serves as primary advocate and adviser in motivating our academic leadership to develop formal curriculum and pathways in computer science, as our high school did not offer any computer science classes when he started as a Freshman. Owen has also attended academic programs to help develop his knowledge and experience including Lead Institute for Computer Science at University of Virginia Sponsored by Google, and Stanford University Pre- Collegiate Programs in Computer Science: AI for Robots and Humanistic Interactive Media . On campus, you can find Owen either in the Engineering Tech Computer Room or Chemistry Lab where he peer tutors Computer Science, Physics, Calculus and Writing. He also is a Programming Instructor at MVCODE. Look for his info graphics on the white board in Mr. Schoengart’s Lab!

Anna Qiu

Anna is our new Vice President. As a Producer at Too Lazy Games, our first video game development program that launched last year with Mentors from 2K Games, Anna proved her organizational and team building abilities to take on this role in her senior year at TL. Anna is our in house Math Genius and probably one of the most supportive student mentors. She has studied a wide variety of computer languages and broaden her knowledge and learning at some of the top summer pre-collegiate computer science programs. On campus, you can find Anna with our gang in the Engineering Tech Computer Lab or hanging out with friends in Philosophy with Mr. Tow and friends.

David Muller

David is a our secretary and also a Sophomore at TL Linda High School. David was on the Engineering Team, Too Lazy Games and also a member of the TL Innovation Lab. David is also interested in leading the Industry Insights Lunchtime Lecture Series and is currently learning the role so he can take over it next year! When David is not with the team in the Engineering Tech Computer Lab, you can find him acting center stage in the Performance Center!

Finlay Norton-Lindsey

Finlay is a Student Mentor and Officer for TL Innovation Lab. Finlay is a Sophomore in the Marin School for Environmental Leadership at Terra Linda High School. Finlay was on the Engineering Team for Too Lazy Games, our first video game development studio with mentor from 2K Games. Finlay brings his own creative flair to our team and is being groom to lead the TL Maker Lab next year. When Finlay is not with the team, you can find him too center stage performing with fellow actors in TL Drama.