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Coding Lab Open to All Students: Wednesday 12:15 -12:55p.m., Room 105
Mr. Bruce Gustin, Head Mentor:

Lead Student Mentor & Student Founder: Owen Bartolf, 11th Grade.MSEL
Lead Technical Officer: Tim Bartolf, Sr. TLHS
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A Hub for Our Coding Community

What' New?


Building Community Around Gender & Diversity in Tech

TL Innovation Lab students attended a Mill Valley Film Festival screening of <<She Started It>> with Director Nora Poggi following Q&A discussion (pictured center with thumbs up)! Thanks for inspiring us with empowering and powerful stories of risk, perseverance and following your dreams. Hats- off to our generous hosts John Morrison, Director, California Film InstituteEducation and Melanie Nichols, Education Coordinator, California Film Institute for building community around gender and diversity in tech  with our sister schools Miller Creek Middleand San Rafael High School! Nora Poggi you inspire the entrespeneur in all of us!!

Solving Problems in Community Health

Hackathon Fun for all! TL Innovation Lab and Marin School for Environmental Leadership teamed-up to enter Marin County's first hackathon, Hack4Health .Hackathon  Writing over 600 lines of code and building an accessible database, our team created a civil action platform to engage public on local health issues for Marin County's first official hackathon. We were so happy to be part of this historic moment! Thanks to Marin County Office of Education and awesome IT staff, Damon Connolly, County Supervisor · San Rafael, California, Coordinators, and all of our sponsors for a great day of hacking and coding!  Together we had a lot of fun developing a civil action platform around health issues and data in Marin County.  Hack4Health was a historic event in education and community around computer science and tech as it was the first hackathon in Marin County. Thanks to Marin County Office of Education and Damon Connolly for a great day of hacking and coding with students from all over Marin and the Bay Area!

TL Innovation Lab shares programming with Damon Connolly, County Supervisor · San Rafael, California, around building a civic platform with county health data to make it more user-friendly and accessible for community engagement in Marin at the Hack 4 Health.

About TLCoding Lab & TL Innovation Lab

TLCoding Lab launched in March 2015, as a lunchtime enrichment program/solution, developed by a founding student determined to have computer science at his high school. Our fonding student created community around computer science with fellow students and  partnered with   AcdemicExcellence@TL,  TLHS and SRCS Leadership Teams to develop enrichment programs in applied computer science --as our high school had no curriculum or elective classes.  We are pleased to announce that through our student advocacy and partnership with our Principal Katy Dunlap along with San Rafael City Schools  leadership and community partnerships TLHS:

  • Expand Enrichment Programs to include, TL Maker Lab and TL Video Game Studio
  • TLHS no offers 2 new AP  classes in Computer Science
  •  TL Video Game Development Academic and Career Pathway will launch in Fall 2018!
  • New academic pathways in applied computer science and digital media are underdevelopment for the new consturct of STEM/STEAM classroom cluster funded by the recent passing of Measure B!

A Fantastic New Enrichment Opportunity in CS and Digital Media for TL Students!

New Temp Logo.JPG

This year we are launching TL Video Game Studio as an innovative after school enrichment program to encourge computer science by simulating a real video game development studio. Our student dev team  will create a real video game with mentors from 2K --from inception, to prototyping, production, testing, and release.  Students will learn principles of game design, level design, story, game theory, basic computer programming, project management, idea creation, 3D modeling and/or animation.

TL Video Game Development Studio will showcase the video game developed in this program to the public at one of the Bay Area’s industry events or the Bay Area Maker Faire in 2018.The capstone project will be a culmination of all knowledge and skills obtained in the course.

TL Game Development Studio is an afterschool enrichment program to which only TL students can apply. We are excited to see all of the game development fun and capstone projects from this years team! Look for us on FB @TLInnovation Lab! For more information, please contact Maya Bartolf, TL Innovation Lab at

Computer Science Instruction

 CodeHS will continue to be our primary partner generously providing online instruction to our students. This year, we are so pleased to announce that TLCoding Lab's student advocacy in partnership with Principal Dunlap, and SRCS district helped in garnering an upgrade in computers and tech to better support our classroom learning!  

Out Comes from a shared vision with our Community Partners:  

  • access to computer science for all students
  • bridges diverse student communities
  • sparking entrepreneurial teaching, dynamic learning and innovation
  • Students bringing computer science projects into their core classes and beyond! 
  • Empowering students to be advocates for diversity in computer science! 

 TL Coding Lab is leading the way in comptuer science instruction and enrichment.  TL Coding Lab continues to  attract industry professionals to mentor and share experiences that open up new academic and career paths in computer science and tech for our students futures beyond TL.  See our list of special guest speakers at TLCoding Lab.

Thanks for the Shout Out Lisa Seacat Deluca, IBM's Master Inventor & MIT's Top Innovator Under 35!

Innovative Approach

  TL Innovation Lab gives our students opportunities to try coding without the stigma of grades,  to boost student confidence providing encouragement and support needed to position them to succeed in future  Computer Science classes and AP courses. CodeHS generously provides online computer science curriculum to students. Our entrepreneurial approach with self-paced learning set in an  hub for innovation with a handful of advanced students really get beginners “‘hooked’ on coding--bringing their coding skills quickly up to speed through the peer mentoring.  TL Innovation Lab also targets students with little or no coding experience along with under served students who can't to afford expensive private instruction in summer camps or afters school programs.

Students Applying Computer Science to their Core Curriculum and Beyond!

Our more advanced students have opportunities to peer mentor and collaborate developing more advanced projects which they sometimes bring into their core classes at TL and into the community. One of our students in School for Environmental Leadership, a specialized school within Terra Linda High School, created for his LEAD Project a moisture sensor with an Arduino to measure and control water in our campus' organic garden so that not one drop of water is wasted during this drought. Last Spring, TL Coding Lab's entered its first hackathon with Team Coding Against Climate Change. Our team brought their best design, programming and graphics skills to  create an environmental simulation video game for the 2016 Academy of Sciences Game Jam. Their game Bottom Line was honored for best pitch because it asked the question, "Do you want to live in a world driven by profit or live in a world without concern for nature? What is your Bottom Line?"

Student Advocacy and Leadership!

  Coding at the Carnival! TL Coding Lab student mentor shows coding to Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent of School, MOE and Rachel Kertz, &nbsp;President, San Rafael City School Board of Trustees at Summerfest Carnival 2015 sponsored by HeadsUp Foundation to raise funds for enrichment K-12..

Coding at the Carnival! TL Coding Lab student mentor shows coding to Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent of School, MOE and Rachel Kertz,  President, San Rafael City School Board of Trustees at Summerfest Carnival 2015 sponsored by HeadsUp Foundation to raise funds for enrichment K-12..

Since our foundingof  TL Coding Lab, we have incorporated advocacy for computer science as part the role exceptions for our students. Our students know that through their participation in our coding, making and design labs they can help shape, not only their education, but also affect change for other students at TL and within our community. Our students have made presentations and interacted with our San Rafael City School District (SRCS) and industry partners to help build community and express the importance of learning computer science to prepare them for college readiness for their futures beyond TL.  Our students' enthusiasm, advocacy, and collaboration with our Principal Dunlap, SRCS district and community leaders resulted in 2 Advance Placement Computer Science courses added to our curriculum for Fall 2017. Also,  this year, we are so pleased to announce that our high school in partnership with SRCS district got a recent upgrade in computers and tech to better support our classroom learning! We are also so proud to announce a new academic and career pathway in Video Game Development will launch this fall with mentors from 2K! TL Innovation Lab provides an essential knowledge-base/skill-set to better prepare our students for future college readiness because of the shared vision and goals of our collaborative partners.

A Vision for Innovation

  Thanks for the Tweet, Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools at Summerfest 2015, Annual Fundraiser for HeadsUp Foundation for San Rafael City Schools!

Thanks for the Tweet, Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools at Summerfest 2015, Annual Fundraiser for HeadsUp Foundation for San Rafael City Schools!

We are excited to share our wonderful news that our founding enrichment program TLCoding Lab, has been expanded to include coding, making and design. TL Innovation Lab will offer specialized lunch time enrichment programs 3 days a week for computer science instruction, digital media, and making really cool stuff. This tech trifecta offered over multiple days for our students will foster a greater depth in understanding of programing, digital media, and innovation with hands on project-based learning that fosters communication, collaboration and creativity. 

New Programs

  • A New Guest Mentor Program--Let's Make Something Cool Together!

This Fall TL Innovation Lab will continue another year  of our Guest Mentor Program which will bring in a volunteer parent or community partner to lead an applied computer science program! These programs will provide more dynamic and hands-on  opportunities in learning for our students and we will also make so really cool stuff!  Our students will be so thrilled and appreciative to start the year with upgrades and making cool stuff together! Many thanks to the SRCS  and community partners like Hermes Econometrics that recently gave a generous gift to support this innovative program! We look forward to posting on the new and exciting projects that our Guest Mentors will be leading and look for us again at the Maker Faire 2018! If you would like more information on how to become a project mentor please contact Owen Bartolf, Student Founder and Lead Student Mentor at or Bruce Gustin, Lead Teacher Mentor at

  • Student Project Proposal Grants

To encourage in depth and specialized learning for our students, TL Innovation Lab is developing a student grant program to support deeper learning in areas of personal interest. Students will submit a short proposal and budget and be award funding to peruse projects that make them excited about applied computer science and engineering.


Blog Highlights

All Roads lead to Code! Join in the fun!

Get Involved

TLCoding Lab is made possible through parent, student, alumni, community and corporate partnerships!  Make a difference! Help provide access to Computer Science at one of the most diverse high schools in Marin County. With your involvement, we can continue to support innovation and computer science to provide essential 21st century skills for college and career, while helping to bridge the gap in gender and diversity in all things tech!

Our Coding Lab is looking for volunteers and industry partners who have an interest in supporting programming and all things tech at TL. No experience necessary. There are roles for all! Get Invovled! Go Coding! Go TL! Go Partners! Online Volunteer Form>

Our Partners

TL Innovation Lab partners with a variety of individuals, community and corporate organizations who invest in our community, programs and events to support and inspire computer science and pathways to STEM education for all students at TL!  Join our growing list of partners with your generous donation that will make megabytes of difference at our public high school with one of the most diverse student populations in Marin County. Thank you so much for your generosity to TL Innovation Lab! 

Contact  Owen Bartolf, Student Founder at owen. bartolf@ or Bruce Gustin, Lead Teacher Mentor for more information about supporting computer science and digital media at TL!

Our Partners Bridging the Gap in Access to Computer Science and Tech!

More Fun Stuff We do!

Hour of Code!

On Wednesday, December 9 at Lunch in Room #302, we celebrated  National Computer Science Education week with's "Hour of Code."  

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. One-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages at No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

192,083 Hour of Code events around the world

Our first Hackathon Team!

Go Team Coding Against Climate Change! TL Coding Lab's First Hackathon Team!
Go California Academy of Science 2016 Environmental Hackathon Game Jam 2016 Team!

 What is the Bottome Line? Is there profit to be made... or an ecosystem to save..or a better future for mankind?

TLCoding Lab participated in its first hackathon at the California Academy of Sciences on April 23rd and 24th. Congratulations to Team Coding Against Climate Change who brought their best game design, digital arts and computer programming savvy to the competition and received an honorable mention for Best Concept Pitch for their multiplayer strategy game called "The Bottom Line!"  The Bottom Line was created in 24hrs including all art assets designed by Team Coding Against Climate Change. The Bottom Line is an environmental simulation set on an isolated island and asks CEOs in gameplay to go forth questioning there money to be made...or is there an ecosystem to save....or is there a better future for mankind? 

Building Community--A Special Project

Students of TLCoding Lab entered a competition this past summer, to create a 90 second video to show how our IT Dept. collaborates with our partners, admin, teachers, and students to provide computer science instruction, and innovation around tech at TLCoding Lab!  Although we didn't win the $50,000 Grand Prize, we did  have a whole lot of fun building community with our students, parent volunteers, and our corporate partner CodeHS while collaborating creatively together! This video also helped to raise awareness to the lack of access to paths in computer science at our high school and helped to spotlight our students' enthusiam for CS!!! Watch our video directed by the talented Nick Slanec, TLCoding Lab and MSEL Student at TL. 

Student Advocacy like our video help to show our partners that access to computer science and digital media is important for all at TL, which is one of the most diverse high schools in Marin County!

Operation TLCoding Lab: Implement Computer Science to Save Humanity

A Special Field Trip


Director Robin Hauser Reynolds and our generous partners at Mill Valley Film Festival  arranged a special educational screening of her new documentary, CODE:Debugging the Gender Gap in Technology  to build community  with TLCoding Labe our friends at San Rafael High School Physics Academy and the Advanced Digital Media Class at Miller Creek Middle School in October 2015. See how much fun we had!


Donate Now!


We believe that computer science is an essential foundation knowledge and skill set for our youth.  Our students, teachers, parents, along with our community partners are working with administration and our school district to create  new academic pathways in  computer science and tech rich instruction at one of the most diverse campuses in Marin County.

TL Innovation Lab is our only student hub for learning and innovating with computer science without the impacts of grades while building confidence in learning. Our collaborative programs give students more time to explore, to create and to innovate daily  while fostering community and more depth around computer science, robotics, digital design and making cool stuff!

 TL Innovation Lab is supported only by our generous student and parent volunteers, TL teachers and community partners who support greater access to computer science for all students at Terra Linda High School.

You can make megabytes of a difference as an angel investor in our learning with a generous donation to TL Innovation Lab! 

Thank you so much for your support!


Your generous donation will keep all of our students coding and innovating at TLCoding Lab.

We are an enrichment program developed by TL Students and   Academic Excellence@TL, a public 5013c, Tax ID # 68-0368998,

We are an enrichment program developed by TL students and Academic Excellence@TL, a public 5013c,Tax ID # 68-368998 Donations of time, talent, or monetary gifts beginning at $500 and above are acknowledged as a Bridging the Gap  partners on our website with a click through icon, and will also be listed in any special event communication materials. Make megabytes of difference for our students who love to code!