Your generous donation will keep all of our students coding and innovating at TLCoding Lab.

We believe that computer science is an essential part of our curriculum and our school currently offers no classes for us. TLCoding Lab is our only hub for learning and innovating with applied computer science.  Unfortunately, our school's budget does not support such a class or innovative learning at our public school with one of the most diverse student populations in Marin County.  TLCoding Lab offers our diverse student body a place to learn computer science and be inspired by a community of innovation. TLCoding Lab is supported only by our generous parent volunteers, corporate, and community partners. You can make a kilobyte, megabyte or terrabyte of a difference as an angel investor in our learning with a generous donation to TLCoding Lab! 

Thank you so much for your support!
With very kind regards, Students of TLCoding Lab

We are an enrichment program developed by  parent volunteers of Academic Excellence@TL, a public 503c.