TLCoding Lab launched in March 2015, as a lunchtime enrichment program/solution, developed by a founding student determined to have computer science at his high school.  TL Innovation Lab is now a student and volunteer driven organization that develops applied computer science programs, builds community and advocacy for computer science with fellow students and key stakeholders:  AcdemicExcellence@TL,  Principal Katy Dunlap, and  TLHS and San Rafael City Schools District Leadership Teams, along with community and industry partners.  to develop enrichment programs in applied computer science --as our high school had no curriculum or elective classes then.  Together we have worked with our keystake holders to create the following opportunities for our students at TL:

  • Offering New Enrichment Programs to include, TL Maker Lab and TL Video Game Studio!
  • Effective advocady help to add computer science into TLHS cirriculum with 2 new AP  classes in Computer Science , build community around CS district wide, and develop new cirriculum in STEAM.
  •  Creating enrichment programs that server as models for new programming with the new  TL Video Game Development Academic and Career Cirriculum Pathway that will launch in Fall 2018!
  • Advising  in new academic pathways in applied computer science and digital media that are underdevelopment for the new consturct of STEM/STEAM classroom cluster funded by the recent passing of Measure B!