Become a Volunteer or Guest Mentor

TL Innovation Lab is made possible through partnerships with our key stakeholders: Principal Katy Dunlap, TL and San Rafael City Schools leadership, teachers,  students, parents , alumni, community and industry partnerships!  

Make a difference! Help provide access to computer science and project-based learning at one of the most diverse high schools in Marin County. With your involvement, we can continue to support innovation and computer science while preparing our students with  essiantial 21st century skills for college and career readiness. Our programs focus on empowering all students to learn computer programming with some of the top leaders in industry including three of MIT's Top Innovators Under 35:  Lisa Secat Deluca, IBM's master inventor, Nora Ayanian, USC Roboticist, and Anka Dragan, Asst. Professor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley.  Help us bridge the gap in gender and diversity in computer science by partnering with TL Innovation Lab.

TL  Innovation Lab is looking for voluteers and industry partners who have an interest in supporting computer science and all things tech at TL.  There are roles for all! Get Invovled! Go Coding! Go Making! Go Digital Design! Go Partners! Online Volunteer Form>


TL Maker Lab Guest Mentor Program : Let's Make Cool Stuff together with Roger Ruttiman, 

Roger Ruittman, CTO, Reactful, Inc., has generously agreed to  be our Guest Mentor for another year at TLMaker Lab! Mr. Ruittaman will lead our maker students in an Arduino project to create an autonomous model car to showcase at the Bay Area Maker Fair 2018.

Many thanks to the SRCS  and community partners like Hermes Econometrics that recently gave a generous gift to launch this innovative program! We look forward to posting on the new and exciting projects that our students will make and also look for us again at the Maker Faire 2019!

If you would like more information on how to become a project mentor please contact Owen Bartolf, Student Founder at or Bruce Gustin, Lead Teacher Mentor at

Our Partners & Mentors

TL Innovation Lab partners with a variety of individuals, community and corporate organizations who invest in our academic community, enrichment programs and events to develop computer science and pathways to STEM education for all students at TL!  Join our growing list of partners with your generous donation that will make megabytes of difference at our public high school with one of the most diverse student populations in Marin County. Thank you so much for your generosity to TL Innovation Lab! 

Contact  Owen Bartolf, Student Founder at owen. bartolf@ for more information about supporting computer science and digital media at TL!