We are a volunteer parent organization supporting programs and activities that make education dynamic and enriched at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, CA.


AcademicExcellence@TL (AE@TL) is a parent volunteer nonprofit organization that is part of the  OneTL Booster Community supporting academic enrichment across disciplines at Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, CA. Terra Linda High School is one of the most diverse student populations in Marin County.  AE@TL is primarily funded by parent and corporate contributions to our school's OneTL Family Giving Campaign. Many community and industry mentors partner with us for service projects and to support programs developed by AE@TL. Academic Excellence gives parents an opportunity to  make a difference in their students’ academic success in high school and also a community forum through which to advocate, support, and develop enrichment for all students at TL. Get Involved!>



AE@TL creates programs that engage a diverse range of students at all education levels. Our programs provide exposure and insight into a variety of subjects that are designed to compliment, enrich and inspire the academic experience at TL.

We also provide grants to TL organizations that support academic enrichment and achievement for students at all academic levels.

Programs and TL Grantees>.

Fundraising & Community Building Events


AE@TL hosts a variety of events that build community and support academic enrichment at Terra Linda High School. Our students go out into the community to engage, learn, and create powerful networks that help shape enrichment at TL!




During the 2019 ‐ 2020 school year, Academic Excellence (AE) continues its proud tradition of promoting parent  and community engagement as well as fostering and supporting academic enrichment on the Terra  Linda High School campus. There are many exciting changes taking place at Terra Linda High School and  parent involvement is not only encouraged but is essential for ensuring informed decision making and  successful outcomes.  

Academic Excellence looks forward to welcoming new members this coming school year and is pleased  to introduce Jo James as its new, President. Jo’s son is a senior at TL and her daughter is a junior in college. Jo has volunteered throughout her children’s journey in our local public schools and attends many school and district meetings to ensure she keeps up to date.  We look forward to Jo's leadership in continuing AE's support of enrichment for all students at TL!

What's New?

TL's New Journalism Magazine June 2018

TL's New Journalism Magazine June 2018

Extra, Extra!
AE@TL Helps to Get the Story!

AE@TL not only brings funding to Journalism and a variety of other academic programs at TL, but also fosters a long view perspective to shape enrichment for all students.

Late Spring, an Academic Excellence leadership team met with  Teagan Leonhart, TL's new Journalism teacher and her student editors to discuss to the future vision for their new program.  "I am looking forward to taking the wheel as leadership for this program hasn't had a consistent teacher for the past 4 years." said Ms. Leonhart. Student editors were also excited to share with the AE team their hopes for a more developed and expansive approach to news focusing on stories that are relevant to their experience as young high school students. The Voice: Get the Story was published by in June 2018 as a new medium to dive deeper in their research and stories that relate to their perspectives and experiences.  TL Journalism is currently an elective class and produces an online news site called The Voice of Troy.   <Read More on BLOG>

AE@TL also provides a powerful professional network that connects our teachers and students with experiences beyond our campus to make learning more dynamic and relivant to college and career readiness.


Thanks to our TL Community for Making our Harvest Fest Fundraiser a HUGE Success!
HopMonk Tavern Novato

Thanks to our wonderful TL Community for coming out to support our annual Harvest Fest—Parents Night Out! Harvest Fest is the most successful Academic Excellence fundraiser EVER in support of enrichment at TL! Hop Monk Tavern was rocking on Saturday night, abuzz with our amazing TL community, good cheer and great music.

Everyone came out to support enrichment, TL parents, TL Athletic Parents, MarinSel Parents, Alums, OneTL Boosters & Board Members, TL Faculty & Staff, SRCS Leadership, and even a few community partners!  Good Food,  fragrant flowers, many friends and abundant harvest cheer set the stage for a night to remember. Auction items and basket raffle did not disappoint and our community stepped up to support enrichment in a big way!

A HUGE Thank You to our Savvy and very talented Harvest Fest Team for making this event fun and a tremendous success: Teri Carhart , Alison Valdes, Trudy Verzosa, Shelagh Stewart-Chung, Francie Burkhard, and Margaret Garvey. Many thanks to all the parents who helped us with setup and cleanup. We appreciate you lending a hand to make this event a success!!

Fundraising & Community Building Events 

Mom's Night Out 2016

AE@TL hosts and supports a variety of OneTL's events that build community and support academic enrichment at Terra Linda High School. OneTL events help to raise necessary funds to support education at all levels in one of the most diverse public high schools in Marin County. Your Family Giving Campaign contribution directly supports all of our enrichment programs. In fact, OneTL Family giving is the main source of funding for all of our AE@TL programs. So please don't forget to participate with any amount your are comfortable giving. Thanks so much!

 Get Involved! Make a Difference!

Donate to our Family Giving Campaign to Support AE Enrichment at TL!

Donate to our Family Giving Campaign to Support AE Enrichment at TL!

AE@TL programs  are made possible through parent, student, and alumni volunteer support. Unfortunately, our tax dollars fall short to ensure impactful and diverse enrichment programs at TL. Your donations to the OneTL Family Giving Campaign will support AE to ensure that enrichment programs will be offered to make learning and the high school experience more dynamic at TL!  Make a difference! Donate today!

We need Volunteers!

With your involvement we can ensure that enrichment for all students at TL is a priority. Our programs will offer your student opportunities to explore new pathways in learning that will prepare them for college and beyond. Help us continue to support enrichment programs in variety of subjects that are designed to compliment, enrich and inspire the academic experience at TL .

There are so many ways to get involved:

·         Attend AE’s Monthly Parent Forum with our Principal - an opportunity to learn about and provide input into academic and enrichment opportunities at the school.

·         Represent AE and be our TL Parent Voice at San Rafael City School District Board meeting or LCAP meetings - both are monthly evening opportunities to learn and ask questions; the more TL parents who attend, the stronger our advocacy, and the more enrichment at TL.

·         Become a Program Volunteer to support -Art Beyond TL, TL Innovation Lab, TL Culinary Academy , TLTalks and more.

·         Harvest Fest- October - Volunteer or attend AE’s  only fund raiser to support our library while meeting our parent community at TL.

·         Raise Funds—help identify organizations that will fund enrichment programs in the humanities, arts, and STEAM/ computer science at one of the most diverse public high schools in Marin.

·         TL Talks - Schedule yourself or a professional you know to speak to students and parents on an enriching subject or career throughout the school year.  Volunteer opportunities to coordinate talks also exist.

 Volunteer Now> contact Jo James - josiejamesster@googlemail.com

Program Partners

AE@TL partners with a variety of community and corporate organizations who invest in our community, programs and events to support and inspire academic excellence for our teachers and students at TL! 

We Are So Excited!


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