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The Case of Marin Science Seminar: The Disappearing Pollinators: When Bees Fall Prey to Carnivorous Plants with Amber Sciligo, PhD of UC Berkeley

Pollinators are vital to ensure the reproduction of many kinds of plants. Who are these pollinators and how do they get the job done? How do plants attract these creatures to make sure their pollen gets picked up and delivered? What happens when pollinators don't come? These are all questions I will cover in the context of my PhD work in New Zealand on the carnivorous "Sundew" plant. I will introduce you to the needs of these plants, particularly the need for insects as a source of both pollination and food. I will talk about how these plants "choose" insects to fulfill one role over the other. Or perhaps it's possible for them to have their [insect] cake and eat it too! More infor at

Later Event: October 28
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