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Marin Science Seminar: "Paleoclimate: Patterns of Warming & Cooling over 550 Million Years

November is Geology Month at Marin Science Seminar for Teens & Community

This month we partner with WGBH's NOVA to bring you interesting geology-related events, door prizes and Geo-Swag! Remember to watch "Making North America" on NOVA starting this November on your PBS station.

"Paleoclimate: Patterns of Warming and Cooling over 550 Million Years" with Douglas Charlton PhD of Charlton International

Dr. Charlton is founder and executive in several international clean technology companies that use innovative engineered technologies to reduce solid waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generate clean energy, and clean up contaminated water.

Dr. Charlton's holds degrees in Geological Sciences from Dartmouth, the Mackay School of Mines, Nevada, and the University of California. His core competencies are geohydrology, environmental engineering, biochemistry, economics, risk management, and business management. He is also a 4H Geology Project Leader in San Rafael.