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TL101-Hacking Your Education with Dale J. Stephens

Parent Education Program Sponsored by Academic Excellence@TL

Join us for an evening with Dale J. Stephens founder of and author of his new book, Hacking Your Education--a guide to gaining skills outside the classroom., Dale's new innovative approach to GAP year, has recently been a feature story on NPR and also talked widely about in the media including, CNN, The New York Times, ABC, Fast Company, Mashable, CBS, Inc., TechCrunch and TED 2012.

Hacking Your Education will give parents a new perspective on how to create and prepare a more customized approach to higher education for your child. Hacking Your Education is figuring out all the things traditional education doesn't always teach you like: how to find the mentors, how to to build a network, how to find the content and put those together in a package that works for your child's academic and career interests.

Dale J. Stephens is an entrepreneur, speaker and author, and best know as one of the original 24 recipients of Thiel Fellowship, a program founded by Peter Thiel which grants fellows $100,000 to forego college for two years and focus on their passions.

In 2011, Stephens founded UnCollege, which provides resources to students that wish to educate themselves outside of the realm of traditional higher education. The site is inspired by Stephens' background in unschooling and his frustrations with the college experience. He states that his goal with UnCollege is not to take down universities, but encourage more people to consider the opportunity cost of attending college. UnCollege features resources, forums, and workshops designed to help students, whether in or out of college, gain useful skills.