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What's Getting into Your Lungs?: The Effects of Smoke, Ozone, Allergens & More with with Mehrdad Arjomandi of UCSF and the VAMC SF

Marin Science Seminar Presentation: "What's Getting into Your Lungs?: The Effects of Smoke, Ozone, Allergens & More" (February 24, 2016) Download the Fresh Air Februaryflyer here.

The lung is constantly exposed to various environmental pollutants, allergens, and toxins, which interact with airways and alveoli and result in inflammation, injury, and disease. Exposure-related pulmonary diseases are increasingly recognized as a growing global problem; however, our understanding of their clinical spectrum and underlying pathophysiology has remained limited. Although exposures to various environmental agents cause a range of airway and lung diseases, evidence exists to suggest that many of these agents share common pathways of inflammation and injury. For example, long-term exposure to tobacco smoke, wood smoke, ozone, or allergen, alone or in combination, can cause chronic obstruction and remodeling of airways. The nature and extent of these pathologic processes may be dependent on the type and amount of exposure, and on individual factors such as genetics, age, co-morbid conditions, and diet.  

Dr. Arjomandi is Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care at UCSF with a joint appointment at San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He is the Associate Director of the Human Exposure Laboratory at the UCSF Lung Biology Center, and an investigator at the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. Dr. Arjomandi received his bachelor degree in molecular biology from University of California San Diego, and his MD degree from Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA Medical Center and his fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at UCSF. Dr. Arjomandi is currently funded through a NIH/NHLBI Mentored Patient-oriented Career Development Award (K23), and the UCSF Flight Attendants Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) Center of Excellence Research Award. Dr. Arjomandi is also the Co-Principal Investigator on two state grants through the California Air Resources Board.