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Marin Science Seminar Presents: "Wild Worms and Mineral Mosaics: A glimpse into hydrothermal vent communities"


Studying underwater where no sunlight reaches creates unique challenges, especially studying the complex interactions among the organisms and nutrients found over a thousand meters down in the ocean within hydrothermal vent communities. Come adventure to the deep with Jen Runyan, a Science Communication Fellow for Ocean Exploration Trust, who will show you how the world of biology, geology, engineering, and communications intersect as one explores little known areas of the ocean.

Jennifer Runyan is currently a Science Communication Fellow with the Ocean Exploration Trust. She was aboard the E/V Nautilus for two of its expedition legs to the Gulf of California and Pescadero Basin. Feel free to follow along on the deep sea adventures of the E/V Nautilus at earned her BS in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Environenmental Studies (M.E.S) from The Evergreen State College.