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Industry Insights with Nicole Sandoval, Cinematic/ Narrative Producer Hangar 13 2K

Nicole Sandoval Poster.jpg

Want to show a girl that she can do anything? Give her a role model. You can't be what you can't see- which is why we're working with Nicole Sandavol, Producer, Hanger 13 @2K and Sofy Kabachek, Software Engineer @2K to join our students and share about their career paths and how it is working in a male-dominated industry of video game development.  GAME is a new academic program currently being developed that offers students pathways in computer science, graphic design, and media narrative writing leading to a capstone project of producing a video game as a collaborative team.  TL Innovation Lab's Industry Insights is partnering with TL to bring this important conversation to our students to help bridge the gap in gender and diversity in computer science and tech.  All students welcome to our Industry Insights Guest Speaker with Nicole Sandoval and Sofy Kabachek, 2K,  during tutorial on Wednesday 1/24 in Room 14. More Infor at