TL Video Game Development Studio
Open to All Students Wednesdays at Lunch in Engineering Tech Computer Room, #17

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TL Video Game Dev Studio Leadership

Student Mentors

CO-Founder, President and Lead Student Computer Science/Engineering Mentor:
Owen Bartolf, TL Senior Marin School for Environmental Leadership,

TL Faculty Mentors

GAME Lead Teaher Mentor: Bruce Gustin,
GAME Lead Teacher Mentor Media Narrative Writing:  Lisa Cummings,
GAME Lead Teach Mentor Digital Design: Katy Bernheim,

Industry Guest Mentors

TL Video Game Development Studio Guest Mentor: Mark James, Vice President of Technology, 2K Games

TL Video Game Dev Studio Launches Too Lazy Games!

2K Next Level Foundation is proud to sponsor in partnership with TL  Innovation Lab, Terra Linda High School Leadership,  and SRCS, a unique opportunity for 15 -20 TL students to join the new TL Video Game Development Studio called Too Lazy Games. Students are working as a team to create their own game while working with talented professionals from 2K  -- best known for  today’s popular titles Bioshock, Borderlands, Mafia II, Civilization, and more. 2K develops and publishes interactive entertainment globally for console systems, handheld gaming systems and personal computers, smartphones and tablets as well as online platforms and cloud streaming services. 2K publishes titles in today’s popular gaming genres including shooters, action, role-playing, strategy, sports, casual, and family entertainment.

TL Students are creating a real video game from inception, to prototyping, production, testing, and release. Mark James, Vice President of Technology, is the Lead Mentor along with other talented colleagues from 2K. The capstone project will be a culmination of all knowledge and skills obtained in the course. Students are learning  principles of game design, level design, story, game theory, basic computer programming, project management, idea creation, 3D modeling and/or animation. Too Lazy Games will showcase the video game developed in this program to the public at one of the Bay Area’s industry events or the Bay Area Maker Faire in 2018.

Too Lazy Games is an afterschool enrichment program developed by TL Innovation Lab's Video Game Development Studio with mentors from 2K.  Students  and sponsorship from TL and SRCS Leadership.

TL Video Game Development Studio meets on Mondays from 3pm - 4:30pm in the Engineering Tech Lab

We Are So Excited about the Launch of TL Video Game Development Studio!

Join the TL Video Game Development Studio with mentors from 2K. It will be an after school commitment from 3 -4:30 pm on Mondays for the entire school year! More details below and important dates:

  • Lunch Informational with Pizza -- 9/12 at 11:30 in the Engineering Tech Computer Lab

  • Online Application Deadline-- 9/15 at 3 pm
    Application Link:

  • TL Video Game Dev Team Announcement-- 9/25 at 6 pm via email to selected students

  • Mandatory Student and Parent Orientation--9/29pm at 7 pm in the TL Library


Inspire and Empower with Women of 2K

Want to show a girl that she can do anything? Give her a role model. You can't be what you can't see- which is why we're working with Nicole Sandavol, Producer, Hangar 13 @2K and Sofy Kabachek, Software Engineer @2K to join our students and share about their career paths and challenges of women working in video game industry..  GAME is a new academic program currently being developed that offers students pathways in computer science, graphic design, and media narrative writing leading to a capstone project of producing a video game as a collaborative team.  TL Innovation Lab's Industry Insights is working with TL and mentors from 2K to bring this important conversation to our students to help bridge the gap in gender and diversity in computer science and tech.  All students welcome to our Industry Insights Guest Speaker with Nicole Andavol during tutorial on Wednesday 1/24 in Room 14. 


More TL Innovation Lab Fun! 

Impacting the World with Code & Game Design

Go Team Coding for Climate Change! Go TLCoding Lab!  First Hackathon Team!Go California Academy of Science 2016 Environmental Hackathon Game Jam 2016 Team!

What is the Bottome Line? Is there profit to be made... or an ecosystem to save..or a better future for mankind?

Go Team Coding for Climate Change! Go TLCoding Lab!  First Hackathon Team!Go California Academy of Science 2016 Environmental Hackathon Game Jam 2016 Team!

TLCoding Lab participated in its first hackathon at the California Academy of Sciences on April 23rd and 24th. Congratulations to Team Coding Against Climate Change who brought their best game design, digital arts and computer programming savvy to the competition and received an honorable mention for Best Concept Pitch for their multiplayer strategy game called "The Bottom Line!"  The Bottom Line was created in 24hrs including all art assets designed by Team Coding for Climate Change. The Bottom Line is an environmental simulation set on an isolated island and asks CEOs in game play to go forth questioning there money to be made...or is there an ecosystem to save....or is there a better future for mankind? 

Innovative Learning


A Vision for Innovation

Thanks for the Tweet, Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools at Summerfest 2015, Annual Fundraiser for HeadsUp Foundation for San Rafael City Schools!

Thanks for the Tweet, Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools at Summerfest 2015, Annual Fundraiser for HeadsUp Foundation for San Rafael City Schools!

TL Innovation Lab offers enrichment programs without the impact of grades which attract a diverse range of students who might not otherwise explore applied computer science. Our students will foster a greater depth in understanding of programing, digital media, and innovation with hands on project-based learning that fosters communication, collaboration and creativity.   TL Innovation Lab porvides our student with experiences that offer real world and 21st century skills in  applied computer science to better prepare them for college and career!

Blog Highlights

All Roads lead to Code! Join in the fun!

Our Partners

TL Digital Design Lab partners with a variety of individuals, community and corporate organizations who invest in our community, programs and events to support and inspire computer science and pathways to STEM education for all students at TL!  Join our growing list of partners with your generous donation that will make megabytes of difference at our public high school with one of the most diverse student populations in Marin County. Thank you so much for your generosity to TL Digital Design Lab! 

Contact Owen Bartolf, Student Founder at or Bruce  for more information about supporting computer science at TL!

Our Partners Bridging the Gap in Access to Computer Science and Tech!

More Fun Stuff We do!

Hour of Code 2016!

On Wednesday, December 9 at Lunch in Room #302, we celebrated  National Computer Science Education week with's "Hour of Code."  

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. One-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages at No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

192,083 Hour of Code events around the world

Building Community--A Special Project

Students of TLCoding Lab entered a competition this past summer, to create a 90 second video to show how our IT Dept. collaborates with our partners, admin, teachers, and students to provide computer science instruction, and innovation around tech at TLCoding Lab!  Although we didn't win the $50,000 Grand Prize, we did  have a whole lot of fun building community with our students, parent volunteers, and our corporate partner CodeHS while collaborating creatively together! This video also helped to raise awareness to the lack of access to paths in computer science at our high school and helped to spotlight our students' enthusiam for CS!!! Watch our video directed by the talented Nick Slanec, a recent graduate of MarinSel, TLHS and TL Innovation Lab. 

Student Advocacy like our video help to show our partners that access to computer science and digital media is important for all at TL, which is one of the most diverse high schools in Marin County!

Operation TLCoding Lab: Implement Computer Science to Save Humanity

A Special Field Trip


Director Robin Hauser Reynolds and our generous partners at Mill Valley Film Festival  arranged a special educational screening of her new documentary, CODE:Debugging the Gender Gap in Technology  to build community  with TLCoding Labe our friends at San Rafael High School Physics Academy and the Advanced Digital Media Class at Miller Creek Middle School in October 2015. See how much fun we had!


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We believe that computer science is an essential foundation knowledge and skill set for our youth and we are working with administration and our school district to create technical transformation and new academic pathways in  computer science and tech rich instruction at one of the most diverse campuses in Marin County.

TL Innovation Lab is our only student hub for learning and innovating with computer science without the impacts of grades while building confidence in learning. Our collaborative programs to give students more time to explore, to create and to innovate daily  while fostering community and more depth around computer science, robotics, digital design and making cool stuff!

 TL Innovation Lab is supported only by our generous students, parent volunteers, teachers and leadership at TLSH and SRCS Districe along with community partners who support greater access to computer science for all students at Terra Linda High School.

You can make megabytes of a difference as an angel investor in our learning with a generous donation to TLCoding Lab! 

Thank you so much for your support!


We are an enrichment program developed by TL students and volunteers of Academic Excellence@TL, a public 5013c,Tax ID # 68-368998 Donations of time, talent, or monetary gifts beginning at $500 and above are acknowledged as a Bridging the Gap partner on our website with a click through icon, and will also be listed in any special event communication materials. Make megabytes of difference for our students who love to code!