Maker Faire Project Spring 2017

Self-driving Model Cars with Raspberry Pi &
Camera Positional Tracking System

Learn about the experience of building a self-driving model car using Raspberry Pi, off the shelf electronics and a 3D printed body. See the results and talk to the student makers and get inspired to contribute or build your own. Also, learn how to detect the absolute 3D position of self-driving robot using a 4-camera tracking system that feeds data to controller that can issue orders to the autonomous vehicle using this data. 

We Made it!!!!

Congratulations to TL Innovation Lab on their first robotics exhibit at Maker Faire 2017 in San Mateo! Our Maker Lab team showcased their autonomous model at the world famous annual event that leads the Maker Movement. A fantastic team building effort and learning experience for all our students! Our robots also inspired others, especially the young future roboticists and makers. Our Team also got to meet industry professionals and celebrities along with making friends with the maker community! "The BEST thing I did all school year", said TL Freshman, Maker Team 2017! Special thanks to Roger Ruttiman, Guest Mentor for leading the project and to Hermes Econometrics for sponsoring us! Great Effort! Go Robotics! Go Maker Team 2017! Go TL Innovation! Go TL! Go Maker Faire

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